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#look at neville’s face. #he’s trying so hard #to be all like, #”wow great singing! #nice job!” #because he’s a fucking #sweetheart like that #just such a goddamn nice guy.

it’s even better than that because he’s trying to protect trevor’s ears instead of his own XD I love you neville<3 

#and ron is so badass he doesn’t even need to cover his ears #he’s all like ya’ll mad? 

Ron is used to it because Percy loves to sing in the shower.

but omfg the knight in the background is all like wHO DARE COMES TO ATTACK ME

yeah but dean and seamus are holding hands

Wait what

People pointing out things in this scene made me laugh. Also, I’m amazed every time when I discover there’s so much to one frame than meets the eye. The first time I watch that movie, I didn’t notice any of those things (all of the above), except for the “Wait what”, that was my reaction too.

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